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Stevens Creek Reservoir


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Events where we have participated in our watershed

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Partner - De Anza College


The watershed council recently partnered with De Anza College to inform students about the beauty and wonder of the Stevens Creek Watershed.

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Random files - Creek Community
Look out Poison Oak17 views
October-late 006.jpg
Wildlife Education Day5 viewsA visitor looks at a Mayfly from Stevens Creek under the microscope.
Stream through the Gravel Pit28 views
Find them now.16 views
A Baby Californian red-sided garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis)56 views
A welcome rest on the trail.17 views
October-late 005.jpg
Wildlife Education Day Posters2 views

Last additions - Creek Community
Turtle just upstream from Crittenden Bridge5 viewsI think this is a Western Pond Turtle. The Treo photo isn't the most clear (x2 is the inset), but i'm pretty sure those are clawed legs extending out the back. Jun 06, 2007
Low tide and the Stevens Creek Channel11 views2006-06-02 mid dayJun 07, 2006
Mouth of Stevens Creek and Long Point13 views2006-06-02 mid dayJun 07, 2006
Mouth of Stevens Creek12 views2006-06-02 mid dayJun 07, 2006
Whisman Slough area, Stevens Creek, Low Tide13 views2006-06-02, mid dayJun 07, 2006
Wild Cucumber - Not a weed!37 viewsMarch 2006 - Permanente Creek- Marah fabaceus, aka Wild Cucumber, is a native gourd plant in the watershed. It can be mistaken for Cape Ivy. Cape Ivy is a member of the daisy family, and has a very different flower. Cape Ivy has tougher leaves and a darker color. Let's be careful not to mix these up!Mar 16, 2006
Vinca flower34 viewsMarch 2006: Permanente Creek. Vinca major has leaves in direct opposition of each other. Ironically, it is used as a ground cover to keep weeds out of the garden. In the nursery, you will also find variegated forms and a smaller flower and leaf species called Vinca minor. Normally, you'll only find Vinca major along the creeks. The flower is unique. Notice the five sides shape in the center. The sap is milky and poisonous. It is in the same family as Oleander.Mar 16, 2006
Vinca patch68 viewsMarch 2006 - Patch of Vinca major on the Permanente creek. The patch is roughly oblong, and well shaded by trees. Mar 16, 2006