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What's New?   Last updated March 1, 2007

51 Steelhead Trout Rescued on Stevens Creek

June 15th 2007 - Volunteers from the Stevens & Permanente Creeks Watershed Council rescued 51 Steelhead Trout and relocated them to safer waters. read or download the report here

Stevens Creek Listed for Toxicity

In 2006 new listings for TMDL's for Stevens Creek were added. As previously stated the reservoir contains high levels of mercury but new is the listing for PCB's both in the reservoir and the stream below. A pdf with the details is available here.

Open space district buys Stevens Creek Ranch

 A former fruit farm tucked into the hills below the Santa Cruz Mountains near Cupertino will continue as public open space, allowing new trails for hikers in the Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve, the Menlo Park-based Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) has announced.

The 238-acre Stevens Canyon Ranch, purchased by POST from private owners in 2005 for $6.6 million, was transferred to the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District for the same amount on Dec. 29, according to POST.

"Stevens Canyon Ranch is a precious remnant of Silicon Valley's agricultural past," POST President Audrey Rust said. The transfer will allow the land to "remain open and undeveloped" so that "future generations will be able to experience its rustic charms and exceptional natural beauty," Rust said.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District General Manager Craig Britton added, "With its rich history, strategic location and diverse habitats, Stevens Canyon Ranch is a significant addition to the district's open space lands."

The ranch dates back to the 1880s, when an orchard, a vineyard and a small family winery were built there.

The property's apple and pear trees still bear fruit at harvest time, amidst terrain that includes redwood, oak and evergreen forest, grasslands, springs and creeks, and the wildlife they attract from nearby public lands, according to POST.

— Bay City News Service

 Stevens Creek Corridor Technical Information Forum

The council along with partners, Santa Clara Valley Audubon and the Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition sponsored a successful technical workshop on the SCCP on November 16th, 2006. An email forum was setup to facilitate futher discussion and providing answers as we move forward. The list of questions that was generated is available here on this website. Debi Jamison's Bird Talk is here.

 To be added to the email list contact

 The council says "THANKS A LOT!" to SCVURPPP

When our YSI multi-meter probe died we were facing a $1,000 expense to replace it and looking at a bare cupboard. Now thats to a long term loan from the county stormwater program we are back in business. Thanks to all who made this possible!

 Saying goodbye to Claire Elliot

Long time outreach coordinator Claire Elliot is leaving her duties here at the watershed council to persue afull-time job with Acterra. We are sad to have her go but wish her the best in her new job. Please email if you wish to apply for her old part-time possition.

 Volunteer Opportunity

Members of the Stevens and Permanente Creeks Watershed Council and the US Geological Survey are sampling and identifying "benthic macroinvertebrates (BMI)." These bottom dwelling critters are primarily larvae of insects like mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies. The type and number of the BMI give a picture of water and habitat quality in our local streams. We will be conducting sampling events this fall and sorting and identifying events throughout the fall and winter.

Contact: Claire Elliott, email

New genetics study confirms unique native steelhead in Stevens Creek!

According to a new study conducted by the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) which will be available soon, a unique strain of steelhead trout are present in Stevens Creek and the other Santa Clara County streams such as the Guadalupe River, Coyote Creek. These fish are similar to but not identical to Central Coast ESU fish. The South Bay may contain a unique "Evolutionary Significant Unit" of our own? The most exciting data indicates that despite more than 100 years of exotic fish planting and the potential for interbreeding unique steelhead still inhabit the creek with very good genetic diversity and all age classes present.

This news bodes well for potential restoration of our Santa Clara County Fish and while I am very excited about these findings the SCVWD warns that this information is still preliminary and may shake out somewhat differently when the final analysis is complete.

 Volunteer Opportunity

Weed Mapping

Members of the Stevens and Permanente Creeks Watershed Council will be mapping invasive plants using GPS this spring and summer. Volunteers will work in pairs on their own schedule to map invasive plants on a chosen stretch of Stevens Creek, between the reservoir and the Bay.

Contact: Claire Elliott, email

 Steelhead spotted in Stevens Creek

This is not an April fools joke. Two adult stellhead were spotted in the creek between 280 and the dam today April 1st by serveral Stevens Creek Streamkeepers. The photo was not to clear but witnesses say the fish were more that 30" in length. Click here to see a photo of one of the fish.

  Council/partners to work on Stevens Creek Barriers

A grant has been submitted to NOAA fisheries to fix three CalTrans road crossing tunnels which hinder steelhead passage in Stevens Creek.  A partnership was established with the Council, SCVWD, CalTrans, City of Mt. View and the SCBWMI to work on this project if we are successful.  We have also submitted a request to the Water Board consolidated grants program to fix three additional passage issues and complete a watershed management plan.

 Final SEP / VMOP Report Available

We have completed our VMOP project which was funded by an SEP from Palo Alto / Mountain View.  This end of the year report for Fall 2005 can be found at

 Council Awarded VMOP Grant

The National Fish & Wildlife Federation has awarded the council $68,000 to continue and expand our Volunteer Outreach and Monitoring Program (VMOP) until 2007.  Led by Claire Elliott or Outreach Coordinator,in partnership with USGS, we will be adding macroinvertibrate monitoring and 10 new sites to the program. For more information contact Claire at

Stevens Creek gets ED

Mondy Lariz has been appointed Executive Director of the Stevens & PermaneTnte Creeks Watershed Council. He will continue to perform the duties of the Watershed Coordinator until such time as we can fund a new coordinator.
click here to download the news release

 Moore Foundation protects Stevens Creek Watershed

A $5 million grant will help to permanently protect 240-acres in the upper watershed of Stevens Creek. The Jones/Becker parcel is comprised of open lands that connect to the region's network of 6,640 acres of permanently protected watershed lands and wildlife habitat. read more here

 County issues fish warning for Stevens Creek

Santa Clara County has issued a warning for fish in Stevens Creek Reservoir. Read the news release here as well as the health advisory.

 Council to survey Steelhead in Stevens Creek

A new project is underway to survey adult spawning steelhead in Stevens Creek.
Volunteers will be looking for and counting steelhead and their redds (spawning beds) between storm events this winter. Some documents on the subject are available here. This survey will take place each year from January to March. Contact Mondy Lariz for more information. 

 Acterra to provide fiscal support for our council

It's official! Our application has been accepted by Acterra and they will be acting as our fiscal agent enabling us to accept funds only available to a 501(c)(3).

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